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Züri Light

May, 2017. Züri Light is a collaborative initiative between OMEL and the ETH Photonics Lab to discuss and exchange research interests in optics. The Züri Light meetings are hosted alternately by OMEL and the Photonics Lab. 10 research pitches (5 from each group) are accompanied by Pizza and beverages to fuel inspiring scientific discussions. The image shows impressions from the first Züri Light meeting which took place on March 2nd at OMEL. The second Züri Light meeting took place at the Photonics Lab on May 4th.”


Lab tour with high school students

December, 2016. The Ladies in Mechanical and Electrical Studies association of AMIV ( organized an information day for female high school students from all over Switzerland. People from OMEL showed our labs and presented demonstration experiments to the students.

Marianne and Robert present Quantum Dots and their applications to high school students.

Lisa Poulikakos is selected as Chair of the 2018 Gordon Research Seminar in Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

July 2016. Congratulations to Lisa Poulikakos, who was selected to chair the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) in Plasmonics and Nanophotonics in 2018 (! The GRS "is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists (…) to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas." Her responsibilities will include “developing a rigorous, forward-looking scientific program", inviting mentors from academia and industry, attracting a diverse audience of participants and raising funds.

Lisa Poulikakos Wins MaP Graduate Symposium Seminar Poster Prize

June 2016. Congratulations to Lisa Poulikakos, whose poster entitled “The Optical Chirality Flux as a Useful Far-Field Probe of Chiral Near Fields” was selected as one of three poster prize winners at the MaP Graduate Symposium 2016 ( The three winners held a flash poster presentation (photo) for all symposium participants.

 MaP Graduate Symposium Post

First Summer School at OMEL

June, 2016. First OMEL Summer School

June, 2016. We just successfully completed our first Summer School at OMEL.


OMEL Welcomes Dr. Freddy T. Rabouw

January, 2016. OMEL welcomes Dr. Freddy T. Rabouw as a new postdoctoral researcher. Freddy obtained his PhD degree from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, in September 2015. He wrote his PhD thesis, entitled "Before there was light: excited state dynamics in luminescent (nano)materials" under the supervision of Prof. Daniël Vanmaekelbergh and Prof. Andries Meijerinkvvv

OMEL Welcomes Aurelio Rossinelli

October, 2015. OMEL welcomes Aurelio Rossinelli as a new Ph.D. student. Aurelio recently graduated with his Master's degree in Process Engineering from the ETH Zurich. He completed his Master's thesis, "Synthesis and Application of CdSe/CdS Nanorods in Luminescent Solar Concentrators," with the group of Prof. Moungi Bawendi in the Chemistry Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (USA).


OMEL Welcomes Dr. Priyank Vijaya Kumar

August, 2015. OMEL welcomes Dr. Priyank Vijaya Kumar as a new postdoctoral researcher.  Priyank graduated with a PhD in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in June 2015. He conducted his PhD thesis, entitled "Enhanced Electrical, Optical and Chemical Properties of Graphene Oxide through a Novel Phase Transformation," under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey C. Grossman.

OMEL Welcomes Dr. Boris le Feber

June, 2015. OMEL welcomes Dr. Boris le Feber as a new postdoctoral researcher. Boris recently obtained his Ph.D. at the FOM Institute AMOLF. There he completed his Ph.D. thesis "Nanoscale Optical Electric and Magnetic Vector Fields: Mapping and Injection" in the NanoOptics group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kobus Kuipers.

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