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OMEL was established in 2010 to develop and investigate optical materials that exhibit new physical phenomena.

Latest News

OMEL Welcomes Dr. Priyank Vijaya Kumar

August, 2015. OMEL welcomes Dr. Priyank Vijaya Kumar as a new postdoctoral researcher.  Priyank graduated with a PhD in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in June 2015. He conducted his PhD thesis, entitled "Enhanced Electrical, Optical and Chemical Properties of Graphene Oxide through a Novel Phase Transformation," under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey C. Grossman.

OMEL Welcomes Dr. Boris le Feber

June 2015. OMEL welcomes Dr. Boris le Feber as a new postdoctoral researcher. Boris recently obtained his Ph.D. at the FOM Institute AMOLF. There he completed his Ph.D. thesis, "Nanoscale Optical Electric and Magnetic Vector Fields: Mapping and Injection," in the NanoOptics group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kobus Kuipers.

OMEL Welcomes Felipe Antolinez

February 2015. OMEL welcomes Felipe Antolinez as a new PhD student. Felipe recently graduated with his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the ETH Zurich. He completed his Master's thesis, "Numerical Characterization of Plasmonic Wedge Waveguides and Resonators," here at OMEL.

OMEL Welcomes Jan Winkler

February 2015. OMEL welcomes Jan Winkler as a new Ph.D. student. Jan recently graduated with his Master's degree in Process Engineering from the ETH Zurich. He completed his Master's thesis, "Formulation and Characterization of a Polymeric siRNA Delivery System," with the group of Prof. Mark Davis in the Chemical Engineering Department at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena (USA).

Recent Publications

Wedge Waveguides and Resonators for Quantum Plasmonics

S. J. Kress, F. V. Antolinez, P. Richner, S. V. Jayanti, D. K. Kim,
F. Prins, A. Riedinger, M. P. Fischer, S. Meyer, K. M. McPeak,
D. Poulikakos, D. J. Norris

    Nano Lett.

Plasmonic films can easily be better: Rules and recipes

Kevin M. McPeak, Sriharsha V. Jayanti, Stephan J.P. Kress, Stefan Meyer, Stelio Iotti, Aurelio Rossinelli and David J. Norris

ACS Photonics, 2.3 (2015): 326-333.

Low-temperature enhancement of plasmonic performance in silver films

S. V. Jayanti, J. H. Park, A. Dejneka, D. Chvostova, K. M. McPeak, X. S. Chen, S. H. Oh, and D. J. Norris

                         Optical Materials Express, 5.5 (2015): 1147-1155.

Futher publications

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