Quantum Mechanics

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Number: 151-0966-00L / FS 2017

Syllabus: 2017 pdf

Instructor: Prof. David J. Norris, LEE P 210, 

Teaching Assistants: 

  • Ms. Marianne Aellen, LEE P 216,
  • Mr. Raphael Brechbühler, LEE P 221,
  • Mr. Alexander Hernández,
  • Mr. Nicolas Lanzetti,

Class Webpage: http://www.omel.ethz.ch/education/quantum-mechanics.html

Lectures: Wednesday 10:00-12:00, HG E 5

Excercises: (Attend one)

  • Wednesdays 13:30-15:00, IFW A 36 or LFW E 15
  • Thursdays 8:30-10:00, CHN C 14 or NO C 6

Course Description: This course provides fundamental knowledge in the principles of quantum mechanics and connects it to applications in engineering.

Textbook: “Introduction to Quantum Mechanics,” 2nd Edition,
By David J. Griffiths (Pearson International Edition) ©2005

Prerequisites:  Analysis III, Mechanics III, Physics I, and Linear Algebra II

Course Objectives: To work effectively in many areas of modern engineering, such as energy and nanotechnology, engineers must possess a basic understanding of quantum mechanics. The aim of this course is to provide this knowledge while making connections when possible to applications. After completing this course, students will understand the basic postulates of quantum mechanics and be able to apply mathematical methods for solving various problems including atoms, molecules, and solids. Additional examples from engineering disciplines will also be integrated.

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